The dominant board type. It has a symmetrical design and can be driven in both directions. The TT's are available in different lengths and widths, they are suitable for beginners as well as for advanced users. For more details take a look at our homepage.

Directional/ Waveboard:

The Directional or Waveboard is certainly a challenge and is mainly used in the wave. It can be driven in only one direction with a more challenging approach to turning than in the TT as one must change the position of the feet. Most people prefer to use a Directional Board in light winds, as it glides more easily than a TT.


The foil board is a little bit similar to a surfboard construction in combination with a hydrofoil, which extends into the water beneath the board. This construction allows the board to hover over the water. The perfect board for freeriders and for use in light winds. It guarantees an easy start when there isn’t much wind, plus it’s fast and smooth.